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bloody computers….

ok so I can’t live without mine for more than a day or two but man they can be bloody frustrating beasts! I have spent the better part of 2-3 hrs trying to get my old pc to burn some photos and files onto a disc to transfer to my new pc but it just won’t play at all! So after all that I logged into yahoo on old pc and emailed 2 files that i really wanted to work on then unplugged it so I could plug the new one back in and download my mail…… of the files was the wrong one!!! arghhhhh! I feel like i’m banging my head against a brick wall for all that I have achieved today and my photos are all still stuck on my old crappy pc!

ok tanty over now!

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Well here goes….

I am sure there is a million other, more constructive, things that I could do with my time but instead here I am spilling my life onto a computer screen for goodness knows who to read. But who says actions have to be constructive….I’m the worlds best procrastinator anyway lol…

So why Rainy Nights? Many people may ask (if many people even read this load of rubbish lol)? Well way back in 95 when I first discovered the internet (in the form of bbs’s – mostly that infamous one called ‘isca bbs’) that is the name I chose for myself. At the time many people messaged me trying to cheer me up as they felt the name meant I was permanently depressed or something. Really it wasn’t that. By then I had lived in student accomodation for 3 years and was in my final year at uni….anyone who has ever lived in ‘group housing’ will understand that I had, often, a desperate need to get away from people! I used to love going for a long walk around the campus particularly in the rain (when everyone else stayed indoors).

Anyway more crap later……..for now me and my baby are going shopping while the two ‘big’ boys are at daycare.

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