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my day with Santa and the boys

Well I’m good aren’t I? Start a blog and after two days I forget for a week…oh well it happens!

I had to have the car today to take Owen to speech therapy (that means getting up and dropping dh at work by 9am and picking him up again at 5.30pm but luckily work is only 15min away). So I had the kids all up and dressed and breakfasted so we dropped him at work then browsed the shops for a bit to kill half an hour as it wasn’t worth coming home and going back again….well after we waited some time at speech I felt something was amiss…as it turns out the therapist had turned over an extra page by mistake and had booked him if for next week instead of this week by mistake! She was very apologetic but tis all ok as I was in a nice relaxed mood anyway…so relaxed in fact that I had already decided to chance the big shopping centre 30min away for Santa photos! Well we had them taken without too many hassles – just Owen HAVING to go do wee’s when it was our turn next (we swapped our number with the person behind us and took off at a run). Santa was really good with the kids – some santa’s I’ve seen are very reluctant to hold the really little ones but he was happy to have the three of them (4, 2 & 7weeks today!)…we had lunch in the food court while waiting for the photos then came back to collect them but they weren’t ready yet so sat to wait for a bit. While I was waiting a lady sat beside me to feed her little one and asked how old the boys were. When I told her she thought I was incrediably brave and thought it was amazing that i was out and about with 3 boys…but my answer just made sense….some days you just aren’t up to it so don’t go out unless you have to! IF you want to do things like santa pics choose a day when YOU are relaxed and then keep reminding yourself that it is meant to be FUN for the kids not just about getting a photo for mum so when I start to feeel a bit stressed I try to take a deep breath and calm down and look at my three beautiful boys who all LOVE ME (even if they drive me insane some times) and I think I just about have to be THE luckiest woman on earth…..this of course was reinforced when i got home and turned the engine off and heard the gentle snoring of three little men lol!

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