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A few years ago we started a new xmas tradition. We have dinner with a few of our closest friends jsut before xmas. This gives us a chance to catch up with friends and gives in a little to my hubby’s xmas tradition of the full roast meal which I refuse to cook on xmas day.
So tonight we had xmas dinner – six of us and it was cool to sit down and relax a bit – especially after the stress of getting everything cooked and the place respectable etc…why do we stress ourselves out over stuff like that!?

Gran’s funeral on the weekend went really well – can a funeral go well? it really was a celebration of her life, as it should be….tears were shed of course but there was an air of ‘joyful sadness’ as my dad so eloquently put it. She had a good send off anyway and would be happy with the way family came together.

xmas shopping almost done… jsut a few more bits to finish off now….it’s a race to get it all done!

Tomorrow is usually my day to run errands etc but car is being serviced so might just stay home instead…well perhaps a bit of a walk …will see. dh’s xmas dinner for work tomorrow night too.

I made some bookmarks for the girls at the boys daycare instead of xmas cards…dh will give them to them tomorrow when he drops them off, hope they like them.

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