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It’s begining to feel a lot like Christmas

Well Christmas time is upon us…the mad rush to get all the presents bought and wrapped is almost over (well dh will be off into battle to finish the shopping this evening). Nearly all the pressies are bought and wrapped, clothes are pretty muched packed, toiletries too. Just got a few more bits and pieces to do – a card to make for my lil brothers wedding which is a few days after xmas, etc.

There is always one thing that you can’t find that stresses you out though isn’t there? I can’t find Brett’s xmas stocking anywhere – now in the scheme of things that is really insignificant but it is driving me nuts.

Gotta say though that I feel sorry for my poor hubby already.

yOu see I’m a little bit insane when it comes to trips….really you say? surprised? rofl ok maybe not surprised.

Somehow, somewhere along the line I decided that 10am was a good time to leave if you are going on a long car trip. Common sense says not too leave too late and the ‘i hate morning’ part of me says not too early girly! So I like to leave at 10am….to the point where I get frantically stressed and turn into the mega bitch from hell should we look like we won’t be leaving at the aforementioned time. Dh had it all worked out last time – he sent me to do a last minute errand and when i got back everything to go in car was in the driveway and it then took 10min to pack the car and we were off without tooo much stress! Now most of the pressies have been sent on ahead of us anyway and Mum has a portacot/pram/bedding etc so we really only have to pack clothes and just a few extra pressies and toiletry bag, the kids night time toys and our pillows – shoudln’t be a drama really….i hope….

Now just have to take a big deep breathe and calm down – an 850km odd trip with 3 small boys should be an adventure – not torture…..yeah right!

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