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Never in my Life am I EVER going to travel LONG distances with 3 kids under 5 in my car!
When I was five I was happy to have everyone call me Judy and I talked non-stop (ok so not everything changes), I also got a new baby brother that year. I LOVED school – my teacher Miss Lang was wonderful. I was short – the shortest in the class and when we had school photos taken they put a tie on me and it had to be adjusted because it hung down below my school dress! I had the mumps that year and while I was sick I got my very first Enid Blyton book – the magic faraway tree (yes I still have it).
High School is not overfull of happy memories! There were good times and bad and overall probably more good than bad BUT whoever said that teenage years were the best years of your life must have had a pretty rotten life! Teenage years were full of angst and uncertainty – not years I would like to live again……..But not terrible on the whole either iykwim!
I once met the guy who played ‘SIMON’ on A Country Practice….Back when it was still filming, before Molly died…We were on a school excursion at channel 7 studios and I lost the rest of my class for a minute and ran to catch up and literally ran INTO him (he was running the other way as he was late)…I never got a chance to get his autograph even, he just smiled and said sorry and took off and I just stuttered an apology and then ran off to catch up…not sure anyone believed me lol!
There’s this girl I know who just started up her own stamping business to sell clear acrylic stamps aimed at Aussie Scrapbookers… http://www.scrappinbug.com.au/
Once at a bar ummm nothing happened…. dunno to be honest I have spent less than a dozen nights at bars – boring sod that I am!
Last Night I fell into bed around 11pm, about 12 hrs after leaving Adelaide to come home with 3 small children in the car (including one breastfed bub) in other words HELL ON EARTH! well to tell the truth they were pretty good til we got to Stawell and it got progressively worse til then but the last 30-45 min when they all fell asleep was BLISS!
When I turn my head left I see my printer, scanner, old audio tape collection and tv, and a few piles of assorted junk.
When I turn my head right I see my scrapping desk and my scrap supplies, the computer tower box thing and my 2yr old son asking me to take his picture with his toy camera! oh and the lovely timber floors of my new scraproom and the glass door looking out on a crappy gate but looking up a bit there is a lovely blue sky.
A better name for me would be hmmm dunno I like Jude – I picked it (well changed it from judy) so i think it suits me.
I have a hard time understanding how my dh went from ‘I couldn’t even go out with a smoker let alone live with one’ to taking up the habit himself in 3-4yrs…..I don’t think I will ever understand it!
You know I like you if at some point I call you a cow, a bitch or a bastard!
Take my advice hmmm the best bit of advice I have is to listen to all the advice and then do what works for you and forget the rest!
My ideal breakfast is hmmm pancake parlour – pancakes with bacon & eggs, & grilled pineapple and bananas with lots of fresh butter and washed down with a lime spider (icecream soda).
If you spend the night at my house you will no doubt be sleeping in my new computer/scrapbooking/spare room – it’s lovely!
I always make a point umm dunno…I am really not very consistant lol
I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than….urgh soorry I really don’t think that I can think of anything worse than THIS
And by the way I love visiting with family, but there is nothing on earth better than coming HOME.

and now I tag Julie http://www.juliemell.com/

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It’s begining to feel a lot like Christmas New Years Resolutions

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