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I’m READY Mummy

so kinder had asked that I get Owen to draw them a picture to take on his first day….his drawing skills have improved HEAPS in the last few we got out the textas, pencils and crayons and gave him the special sheet of paper the kinder asked him to draw on and he drew around his hand then he wrote his name (it doesn’t seem to occur to him to put all the letters in a row when anywhere in anyorder will do – it’s cute) and then he turned the page over and a drew one very very interesting looking dinosaur in RED – cause ‘red is my colour mummy’ …well I could take that it was all very cute and brett happily sat drawingtoo. then we put the picture in his new backpack so that we wouldn’t forget it on Monday. Then he went outside with his robot boots and his new red sneakers ‘they got flashing lights mum’ and was pretending to be a robot……..I popped out to check my emails etc when suddenly a 4yr old approached, backpack on his back, and announced “I ready mummy” although it sounded a bit more like “I looooouuuurdy Mummy”! READY? today? for kinder? kinder doesn’t start until Monday!

Really I am glad that he is excited and really I think that kinder will be just exactly what he needs but ready? hell I’m not sure I’m ready for him to be grown up enough for kinder….but the really really scary bit was still to come……….in comes Brett my little 2.5yr old baby with the biggest smile that could just melt any heart, backpack on his back and he says ‘i ready for kinder toooo”…………….NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo you are just my baby boy brett -as Owen would say ‘no brett tooo little, i big’

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