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Toilet training

well Brett has shown a bit of an interest and after all the dramas with Owen (who is still regularly having accidents) I really didn’t want to push – encourage but not push….well today was pretty worm – low/mid thirties so he was playing naked because HE wanted his nappy off! He has learnt to climb up on the toilet himself – if somewhat slowly – lol but he is VERY excited about the whole thing and went a few times today. I did catch him starting to go once when i was feeding Corey but told him to do wee’s in the toilet….and he DID! woohooo! Still a long way to go but definetly making some quite good progress there!

thats about it for today – except to recount a funny story.
Owen told me the other day – after I had been yelling at him for being naughty, that mummy was sad. I told him yes Mummy gets sad when Owen and Brett are naughty boys…so today he runs in and says ‘i do wees on the toilet – i make mummy happy’ – very sweet…then brett says ‘i make mummy happy tooo, i do wees on the toilet’ and so yet another sappy reminder that even though my boys may unroll a brand new roll of toilet paper, empty 4 boxes of sultanas on the floor, get ice and leave the freezer open and generally be quite naughty a lot…………they also light up my life with a few sweet words and a smile………..and Corey – even though he threw up ON MY FACE this evening (ugh) he did it with the hugest big baby smile that I just couldn’t be annoyed (although I DID shower)!

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