Sunday Sunday….

February 19, 2006 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

another Sunday has rolled on by. I was up early as per usual – if I don’t get up kids make a huge mess and they are loud enough that there is no hope of sleep anyway. I have miraculously been much better at tearing myself out of bed in the morning for them though. So I took Owen with me for my run to the supermarket for whatever we had run out of – I didn’t really shop this week at all so we were out of laundry powder and bread, got some crumpets too – yum i love crumpets…speaking of which don’t you love the way these days crumpet packets say 99% fat free (or is it 97? anyway) yeah right i’m thinking – they are until i SLATHER them in butter!

Got the extra paperwork the credit union wanted for the mortgage refinancing faxed so hopeful of a preliminary answer as early as tomorrow (will be pending a valuation) but that is one step closer to my new (2nd hand) people mover yay! I’m a bit excited about the prospect of actaully owning a car in my own name for the first time EVER!

I got some scrapping done last night too when a friend came over to scrap. Was good to be scrapping again even if one layout took me forever. Hopefully some of the girls will make it next weekend – I’m planning to get some pics printed out through the week so that I can be ready to go for friday and saturday night.

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Toilet training just another ordinary Monday

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