just another ordinary Monday

February 20, 2006 at 8:46 pm 1 comment

Monday morning loomed way too fast. Corey had a rather bad night so I was NOT happy about being awake…but life goes on and kids don’t get themselves dressed, fed and off to kindergarten on their own. So I got up and showered and dressed, I dressed Owen and Brett and got them breakfast and got Owen’s kinder lunchbox/drinkbottle sorted out. Hubby came out with corey a bit grumpy that I was letting him cry….apparently he didn’t notice that he had kept me awake most of the night…oh well got him organised and thought a walk in the pram might settle him a bit – which it did yay!

There is roadworks on the way to kinder right next to the school crossing and it’s terrible , hopefully they will finish soon as it is a bugger to negotiate with the pram. At the same time the kids are getting to see how to ‘fix a road’ a bit and they are facinated with the machinery involved (and they are pretty damn good at holding onto the pram so i’m not stressed about them running off)! It was the last day for kinder t-shirt/jumper orders so hopefully we will get them soon as I know he will love them (cause i ordered them both in RED). I’m still being told at least 15 times a day that ‘red is my favourite colour, i like red’…cute if wearing a little thin!

Oh well nothing much else exciting happened except a trip to the dentist….no a trip to the dentist isn’t exciting, in fact I hate going as much as anyone BUT gettingback into the car and looking in the rear view mirror to see all my bottom teeth in tact and cleaned was well worth an hour or so in the chair….going back next monday for some work on the top ones….smile restorations are almost complete YAY – will have to take a pic of my new smile once it is finished!

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Sunday Sunday…. Some secrets to happiness…

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  • 1. soovee  |  February 21, 2006 at 9:33 am

    Isn’t it funny how the fellas don’t notice??? Can’t wait to see your new smile!


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