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Some secrets to happiness…

by no means have I learnt them all – and even having learnt some I am not that great at putting them into action but here goes…

I think the most important – and equally the most difficult – one is to find a balance between work, rest and play! I find some days that I feel the need to ‘play’ to have a little time for me and when I try to get it my little ones interrupt, I tend to growl and try to shoo them away and it doesn’t work and I get more and more frustrated because all I want is 5 minutes to myself. Well on good days I see my kids come in and while I still am a bit frustrated as I want some time alone, I spend some time with them instead – and often they only want 15min of my time and then I’m able to get 15min to myself….a little delayed but hey in the end this way we all get what we need. I’m working on it. A time for housework, a time for computer work & play, a time for my kids, who after all are the lights of my life! ANd when they are in bed well then there is plenty of time for me while still getting to bed in time for enough rest to face the day again.

So its almost 11.30, I’ve talked to the boys on the way to kinder and to brett on the way home, I’ve caught up on morning emails/website stuff and I’ve cooked dinner for later. Soon I’m off to give Brett a swing and maybe read a story before we head back out to pick Owen up from kinder. Then lunch and play and folding some washing and maybe some more stories as the boys are just loving them at the moment and I really love to encourage them to read. We are having more and more TV OFF time too which I love! honestly 3 boys make more than enough noise without the tele on too! I certainly hope that there is indeed a quiet place in heaven for the mothers of boys!

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