Life got suddenly crazy….

February 28, 2006 at 11:14 am Leave a comment

What happened….just a month ago I was home nearly all the time!

I slept in this morning – alarm had been turned right down somehow so didn’t hear it! Corey has decided that 5am is playtime – ummm NO WAY KID!
So get the kids ready in a flurry of yelling “NOW” – I hate myself when I’m yelling at them must find a better way to get them ready in a hurry – think i might buy a kitchen timer and see if we can race it to get dressed in the morning ready for kinder!
Brett wanted to sit in the toddler seat so we walked fast and having left 5min late actually got there early lol! Thats one way to improve my fitness level!

top50 forum is back online today YAY!!! gallery still down though BOOO! hopefully hosting shop will have it fixed shortly!

Have a meeting this afternoon with early intervention and kinder teacher so thats good. His toilet training has backslid big time since my week long gall stone attack!

House valuation is on Thursday afternoon so I guess I have to do some tidying before then but he seems to think that it won’t be an issue at all as we only need it to be $140ish and he says you can’t buy anything for that (did mention ours is a fixer upperer) lol! So should be ok and then hopefully can be signing paperwork shortly and getting on with life in general!

In the meantime I think I’ve neglected to mention of late my Bretty boy – he has grown up soooo much in the last few months. He’s a regular little chatterbox (yes just like mummy) once he gets started and he is full of cuddles and kisses – although he is also learning to throw a tanty! oh well can’t have it all! It is awesome to see though that he isnt’ going to have the language problems that Owen had/has.

anyway more later better get organised or will be late for aforementioned meeting!

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Some secrets to happiness… What the hell!

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