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1. First time you got kissed: hmm I think I was 12, 13 maybe…Danny and I went out for 3 years, whole school was stunned when we broke up seems they all thought we’d get married lol!

2. First time you drove a car: With my Mum – we went to the tip. She made me stop and she leaned down to the floor – hand motions and all and said “judes’ foot this is the accelerator, accelerator this is Jude’s foot….now that you have been introduced could we go a little faster” (so it’s her fault I’m a bit of a lead foot now isn’t it? lol! Everytime I wanted to drive she would load the car up to go to the tip – I knew that road well by the time I got my licence. She gave up teaching me when we tried reversing though – too stressful perhaps.

3. First time you scrapbooked: at Sue’s CM party in 2001…and then had to drive home among phillip island motorcycle grand prix traffic NEVER AGAIN!

4. First time you went on a date: an actual date date….dunno danny I went to a school dance together once – it was terrible he had to be the worlds most embarrasing dancer lol!

5. First time you fell in love: Danny – I was 12 – we split just b4 my 16th birthday.

6. First time you cooked for someone: not sure but was always cooking as a child – just now starting to rediscover a look of cooking – i leart to make rissotto yum!

7. First time you got on a plane: I flew to Sydney to meet up with friends for the weekend about umm dunno before owen was born but after i got married so somewhere between 97-01

8.First time you shaved your legs: i was 12 mum wasn’t impressed but i kept doing it

9. First time you put on make up: don’t remember don’t wear the stuff now hate it

10. First time you moved out of your home: uni i was 18

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I forgot……..I got mail

Opened the mail today to find something very exciting for me…..

A business registration certificate for “Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia” so it is all official now! I think I will frame it and hang it on the wall about my pooter!

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It’s coming out soon

I went to see the surgeon today in two minds. Part of me (having felt good for a week) thought that if he didn’t think it was urgent well it mustn’t be urgent let it go (the part of me that is terrified of the thought of surgery that is)! The other part of me was thinking about mentioning that I have 3 kids to look after and can’t afford a repeat of last week – ie can’t live on panadiene forte or be in constant pain………I didn’t get a chance to say much before he looked at me and said it has to come out soon. He then went on to explain why. He was VERY VERY good, as in reassuring and understanding etc which was great. Says small stones (like I have) are more dangerous because they move about and cause problems elsewhere etc etc. So I’m off for more tests soon (hopefully Monday) to see if there are stones where they shouldn’t be (apart from in my gallbladder) and then if that is all clear he will give me a date for the op ….in ‘weeks not months’. If there is a stray stone then I have to have two ops (one to get the stone and another for the gallbladder – apparently they have to be done separately – bugger)…I forgot to ask but I gather if that is the case it will be pretty quick too. So there that’s it….have to have it done, no way out…..lets just hope the tests come back ok as one op is more than enough.

oh and Owen loved kinder, had a great day – he did a painting apparently…… guessed it ‘RED’ he didn’t bring it home though…next time.

and repping – well that was fun but dh had problems giving Corey a bottle which is a worry for the surgery. Not sure what is going on there as it is the 2nd time he has had problems but other people have had no hassles giving him a bottle – dunno if he is playing up for daddy or daddy is just doing something funny?! gunna have to sort it out though as can’t take Corey when I go in for tests and he may need to be bottle fed for a day post op. Surgeon couldn’t give me a straight answer on that one but said to talk to anethisist at pre admission clinic.

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I’m NOT ready….

Owen has his first day at kinder tomorrow – he is very excited and his backpack is ready to go. He only goes for two hours with the transition timetable but he can’t wait. Meanwhile I can’t find my chequebook to write a cheque for his kinder t-shirt & jumper. His clothes are laid out and ready (trying to teach him to get himself dressed in the morning) but mine are still in the dryer. I do have my camera batteries charged but I have to make sure it is in the house ready to go. But really a transition start to ease you into kinder and still he has to be there at 8.30! Ok I can do it surely – I can get one kid ready and out the door by 8.15am surely, well 2 kids if Corey is due for a feed but really just one. Poor Brett though I think is going to be quite sad, I keep telling him that he isn’t going to kinder but I’m not sure he believes me. It appears he has developed a ‘determined’ streak!

Well I guess I had best turn the computer off and go pack MY bag for my first day of kinder in the morning………I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up!

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I’m READY Mummy

so kinder had asked that I get Owen to draw them a picture to take on his first day….his drawing skills have improved HEAPS in the last few we got out the textas, pencils and crayons and gave him the special sheet of paper the kinder asked him to draw on and he drew around his hand then he wrote his name (it doesn’t seem to occur to him to put all the letters in a row when anywhere in anyorder will do – it’s cute) and then he turned the page over and a drew one very very interesting looking dinosaur in RED – cause ‘red is my colour mummy’ …well I could take that it was all very cute and brett happily sat drawingtoo. then we put the picture in his new backpack so that we wouldn’t forget it on Monday. Then he went outside with his robot boots and his new red sneakers ‘they got flashing lights mum’ and was pretending to be a robot……..I popped out to check my emails etc when suddenly a 4yr old approached, backpack on his back, and announced “I ready mummy” although it sounded a bit more like “I looooouuuurdy Mummy”! READY? today? for kinder? kinder doesn’t start until Monday!

Really I am glad that he is excited and really I think that kinder will be just exactly what he needs but ready? hell I’m not sure I’m ready for him to be grown up enough for kinder….but the really really scary bit was still to come……….in comes Brett my little 2.5yr old baby with the biggest smile that could just melt any heart, backpack on his back and he says ‘i ready for kinder toooo”…………….NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo you are just my baby boy brett -as Owen would say ‘no brett tooo little, i big’

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where did January go? It seemed to vanish too fast. It came to me last night while looking at some pics that oh my goodness Owen is FOUR and about to start kinder…..oh yes I know some of you will be thinking that hell he was four in october what are you talking about dear but I guess that I was busy having a baby and while we had a party and presents and taught him he was four now well it just didn’t HIT me at the time how grown up my big boy, my first baby had become. Yesterday we went to buy a new drink bottle and lunch box and a new backpack and some new sneakers all for Owen. He was very excited and he wanted RED (well Mummy shouldn’t have left it so late do you know how hard it is to find a red lunchbox the week school starts back)! But we are now armed with a blue and red backpack with cars on it, a red lunchbox, a red drinkbottle and shoes with red on them and red flashing lights (well he really wanted RED shoes and they weren’t THAT expensive lol)….not only is my little man about to start kinder but he has a favourite colour now…when did that happen…just in the last week or two!

And then we were off to speech therapy again today for the first time since xmas and finally after a little over a year of speech therapy Therese has said that it is time to start working on his sounds (when he started we were mostly trying to work on getting him to actually SPEAK, then to join words to make sentences, we’ve worked on concepts of boy and girl and in and out etc etc) but now we are working on actual sounds and getting them right!

man….4 already….next week I’m sure he’ll be waving L plates and asking for car keys!

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Just a quickie

…just a quick one as I have to go do the pick ups in an hour and I really want to get some washing put away.

Just thought i’d reassure everyone that I am back to myself again. Pain has all gone (for now). I had more bloods taken this morning (although i’m sure the results will be normal now) and will see the surgeon on Monday. Of course now it has all eased I will probably be waiting a year for the op but I can live with that if I’m not in pain at least! Even so will try to get it done faster as I really can’t afford to have a repeat of last week – it just isn’t fair on the kids!

Well off to fold a weeks worth of washing….am hanging to scrap but there is to be a mini cyber crop on friday at ksk it appears and a full cybercrop at top50 on Saturday so hopefully somewhere along the line I will get a chance to get some scrapping done!

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