another weekend…….

March 18, 2006 at 8:50 pm Leave a comment

I Know commonwealth games are on but I am just not really paying any attention – or not much. I have been busy with website stuff – almost finished a project I should have finished at least a month ago now so will be a nice sense of accomplishment.

Should be working now but thinking Imight have the night off and do some scrapping or something – even if it is just to journal on 4-5 LOs that are waiting for me to finish off with journalling…although i have some cool stamps I wouldn’t mind playing with and some coasters i need to do for a swap – if they haven’t vanished that is!

steve knocked off work early today and finished tidying the lounge room (i did quite a bit on it this morning) so that was a nice surprise – then realised it was probably because his mates are coming over tomorrow for a bbq and yugioh.

Owen sang to me yesterday in the car – it went something like this….
I see red lights
I see green lights
I like Mummy’s house
I play outside

He told me it was ‘MY SONG’ lol ….very cute…..he has been singing lots lately which is just amazing…….

oh and my little excitement for the day he said ‘MILK’ yeah i know not very exciting but it took a good 10-15min of encouraging/nagging to turn it from gilk to milk so woohooo go Owen!

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