Egg Sandwiches & Why

March 20, 2006 at 2:03 pm Leave a comment

a few days ago I was really feeling like an egg sandwich – so I boiled up some eggs and some for me and the boys for lunch…well they were a hit…went to make boys some lunch today – feeling lazy I say do you want peanut butter sandwich or vegemite….no mummy I want a egg sandwhich please was the reply with the sweetest smile a 4yr old monster boy child can muster… lazy me still in my pjs (on account of i washed everyone elses clothes except mine) boiled eggs and we made egg sandwiches again (now i like mine mashed with butter, a squirt of lowfat mayo, salt, pepper and parsley mushed in – no butter on the bread and i was out of lettuce too bugger). But oh some things are worth the effort as we sat together and had a lovely lunch and the boys even ATE their CRUSTS!

ever find yourself saying/doing something and wondering why? Like why am I teaching the kids that cause I know it is going to drive me insane? Yep that’s it…my 4.5 yr old Owen has not learn the magic word ‘why’ as yet and so, after discussion with his speech therapist I am TEACHING him Why? Why of WHy? am I doing that…..? I know that he will soon be bombarding me with why mummy why? and I will be going up the wall….all the time knowing it was self inflicted as I taught it to him!

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