Grumpy Mummy

March 22, 2006 at 9:56 pm 3 comments

You know what?

I think I’ve been trying to do too much!

I have been very very Grumpy of late. When I had that week-long attack of gallstone pain I kinda let the boys fend for themselves a little as I wasn’t coping too well, and now we are still paying the price. Boys that get into stuff they shouldn’t the minute you turn your back, toilet training backsliding and just general type stuff that has been driving me up the bloody wall! I’ve been going nuts and I have been GRUMPY!
Today I got a call from daycare to pick Owen up as he had been through his 3 changes of clothes and was uncomfortable with nappy rash (from refusing to depart with his wet undies yesterday grrr). It was 4pm and I’d had a busy day rushing here and rushing there and had just decided I was going to have an hour for ME before I did the pick ups when they called….so I was GRUMPY……mummy from hell…….and I stopped for a minute and had a chat with the lady at daycare and calmed myself down…perhaps being able to express my frustration helped I dunno but Owen and I went home. We were half way home when he got very distressed and started talking (too fast and not opening his mouth as usual so took a while to grasp what he was saying) but he was saying that we forgot someTHING! What did we forget Owen? BRETT he yells rofl! Well how to say that I had to come get him because he was wet and sore?! Swallowed my grumpy answer and said that I was going to give Corey a bath and I needed him to help me. So he ‘helped’ me to give Corey a bath (wish I could have taken pics but wasn’t sure it was safe to let go long enough). Then we got them both dressed and picked hubby up – posted the home loan documents (woohoo should be settled in 2-3 weeks now)! and then picked up Brett and came home.

Am proud of myself for swalling the grumpy cow once…..but I need to banish grumpy mummy for good and remember to take time to enjoy my kids more before they are all grown up and gone! Soooooo

I’ve been trying to declutter my house of late and really think it is time to declutter my life a little. Some people may have noticed that I have slowly withdrawn from a scrapbooking forum (not top50 it is still a big part of my life and likely to stay that way).

I have also officially resigned as a rep for AED. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at AED and I thank Alison and Maynard sooo much for the marvoulous opportunity – it was a lot of FUN!

I am trying to spend more time with my kids and less time on the pooter during the day. Also trying to turn the tv off more and DO things… cooking and arty stuff and I think we might go into the city (maybe after the com games are over and things settled down a bit) to go to the childrens garden in the botanical gardens and the melbourne museum….and maybe we can make the day in the city with Sue et al an anual autumn event?!

speaking of which can you believe it is autumn already!?

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  • 1. belinda  |  March 24, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    we will miss you Jude

  • 2. aliciaj  |  March 24, 2006 at 10:53 pm

    Jude, you will be missed, but I totally understand your reasoning. Sometimes I step back from my internet places because of busy home and work life.
    Remember you can always come back even if just for a quick visit. Look after yourself and your family.

  • 3. Elisa  |  March 27, 2006 at 8:01 am

    Jude be kind to yourself, the things with the boys will settle down and it will get easier. But in the meantime I think you are doing a fantastic job and go enjoy those beautiful boys of yours


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