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It’s all over….bar the shouting.

Well it’s done. Steve and I had ‘that’ talk. The one that says this isn’t working and before it gets any worse lets call it a day. He has been sleeping out here in the scraproom for a few nights already, he’ll be moving out as soon as he can get the dosh together for a bond and rent in advance. We didn’t discuss details of who will have what – apart from me pointing out that the kids would be staying HERE with ME – he didn’t argue or fight me on that. He agreed when I said it was time to end it and yet he seemed very sad…still I guess I would be too if I had to move away from my kids.

I am a little sad still but mostly relieved. The love has been gone from this relationship for a long long time now so this is definetly best for all concerned. Ground rules set – no fighting in front of the kids & no badmouthing each other to the kids either, probably didn’t need to be said but THEY have to come first in this.

Its a little weird actually, we have been dodging each other for weeks/months over this and now it is out there and said and yet nothing really has changed – he is still here…..hopefully not for long – and not in a nasty get the hell out kind of way….but just in a ‘it’s time to move on’ kind of way.

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