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Separtation …..and the endless paperwork

ok so I’m happy. I am, REALLY….I haven’t been this happy in a long time and I’m ready to get on with my life. So he is less than happy about moving out and not being able to do things like put the kids to bed….well sorry but that’s just the way it is. I’m not living in a sham of a loveless marriage for the rest of my life….I’m happy. Will be happier when we can all get on with life…..

so It has started,…. you can have the tv but I’m keeping the lounge, yes you can have the computer but not the modem, printer or scanner……blah blah blah – all good so far – no arguements….

But man who would have thought that two lives twined together financially would be so bloody hard to untangle! Centrelink want a BOOK from each of us to prove that we are really separated and not just having a bit of a spat….plan to take that back to them tomorrow while the boys are at daycare. Optus was meant to change the phone contracts around (mine was in his name and vice versa – dont’ ask) but instead they put the two on ONE account! arghhh thankfully the assistant manager at the local store was VERY helpful and has it in hand though he tells me it may take a few days. And so it goes on, insurance, electricity etc etc etc…..ah well will be great to be responsible for my own things and if I overspend I will have no one to blame but myself!

Am thinking of my Dad tonight – he sees the heart surgeon tomorrow in regards to his very urgent bypass surgery. Am hoping and praying that all goes well there and that he doesn’t have to wait too long (figuring some things are best done before you have too much time to stress and worry over them).

So plans for tomorrow – sort out centrelink
– grocery shopping
– buy an orange top for Corey (he has the cutest Orange shoes we saw at the market but apparently nothing to wear with them)!
– look at a couple of units for steve – he asked nice and frankly if it helps move things along faster seems like it is worth my time.

and if I get time – work on my a-z album – running out of time! oh and more top50 bookwork.

So don’t I sound super organised?!

oh and did i mention that it was just a beautiful day here today – sun was shining, birds were singing and best of all – kids were playing nicely together! AND it occured to me that I left unattended a glass of coke zero for a full 20 minutes and kids didn’t touch it. They have not helped themselves to choc yoghurt (i refused to buy any for the last 6 months because they scoffed about 8 one morning before i heard them awake) or the biscuits either – in fact they have generally been staying out of the cupboards almost like well behaved children! And while on that subject – we have been eating dinner together at the kitchen table too at the boys insistance which is just GREAT!

onwards and upwards I say……life may not be the party you hoped for but while we are here we might as well dance!

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