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Easter is looming…

wow when did it get to be Easter already – that one totally crept up on me!

well I have consulted with the Easter Bunny about the boys and I’ve got some things to make some things for people – but not many people are getting easter eggs etc from me this year.

Have spoken with Steve and while he isn’t jumping with joy about spending easter alone he isn’t arguing so I am going to take the kids to Aunty Sues (after an easter egg hunt at home of course). Will be nice to take the car for a spin…really must put a bit of petrol in it before I pick the kids up from daycare or won’t be going anywhere!

He is looking at a unit at 5pm today so hopefully all goes well there and he will have his new place sorted out asap – it is empty now so here’s hoping that he can move in fairly soon although this weekend won’t happen I imagine as could be problems with getting electrity etc hooked up in time with all the public holidays.

I am going to miss this PC til I get a new one sorted….but have the old one here so will still be online.

Dad’s surgery is the 23rd May – that’s a bit further away than we would have liked but hopefully he will take it easy and not worry too much before then and all will go well.

Its a gorgeous Autumn day again today. Tomorrow we have playgroup. I will have to leave playgroup early though to get to kinder at 12 for Owen’s Easter Bonnet parade. Hope it isn’t too warm tomorrow as really want to dress Corey in his easter bunny suit – but oh well I bought him new clothes to go with his orange boots today so he has a cute back up outfit if need be lol!

the paper trail is slowly being sorted out now and all is right with the world.

I know that perhaps I should be feeling sad atm but I’m not – in fact I have a whole new lease on life. I am happier than I have been in a long time…

so cross your fingers about the unit so that life can move forwards…

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