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Don’t you love PRESENTS?

I had such FUN today….I wish I had had my camera ready (bad scrapper I had left it at home)!

anyway…I went to visit Gabbie today, spur of the moment have been trying to catch her for weeks so I rang to see if she was home and then took off.

I had wanted to do something nice for ages…Ok so top50 was getting too much and she felt the need to move on but I don’t think she truely appreciates what having top50 means to me. The freedom of working my own hours, the hope of not having to go back to working in workcover insurance….the chance to build on what we have to support myself in years to come when the boys are all grown up…the chance to earn a living doing something that I LOVE…..anyway I digress…

I had a friend make me some custom stamps (a VW bug) for Gabbie – I’ve had them sitting here for weeks and weeks but Gabbie was always busy and I (very selfishly) wanted to see her face when I handed it over…..OMG It was SOOOO worth the wait! Either she is in line for an oscar or she REALLY loved her stamps! I’ve never seen someone run for ink and acrylic block so fast rofl! It made my day to see the excitement on her face….I think I might need to buy pressies for people more often!

so thanks Gabbie, for everything….

btw update – Dad is doing really well. boys are ok a bit unsettled/naughty but i’m sure (i hope) it’ll all settle down soon!

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