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my boys are growing up

I was expecting a delivery sometime between 8.30am and 5pm sometime this week – don’t you just love those vague delivery times….anyway i ordered my shopping online again (did it last week when I was recovering)…of course parcel then arrived shortly after shopping and I am free to leave the house again…anyway i digress…

I was putting groceries in the online cart and put in pullups for owen for night time…then took them out then put them back in over and over…in the end decided I should leave them out but forgot to remove them and ordered them anyway…well turns out they were out of stock so I guess I am not meant to have them….he is in undies – guess I might be washing a lot of sheets. He has been treating the pull up like a nappy anyway so hopefully this will help.

also realised that brett isn’t 2.5 any more…he will in fact be 3 in about 6 weeks OMG where did the time go?!

more soon promise – am just a bit swamped in work and stuff atm but will get caught up soon and get my life back under control again…

oh and b4 I go – i got two new cookbooks – a bread book and a slowcooker one – who knew you could make macaroni cheese in the slow cooker – and damn was it good (i’m nt a huge fan of mac and cheese but wow it was really good)!

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well it’s over

well sorry guys I know I really will try to update more often….

sort version – I’m alive and recovering – glad it’s over….

long version…
Got there – bit nervous but doing ok, mentioned arrangements for Corey but she just said nurse deals with that not her. I feed Corey around 12ish and then Judith had to go to get her daughter (she had brought me in) so she was going to call and check before bringing Corey back later. Apparently a bed shortage delayed things a little and I wasn’t called in until quite late when I was told no one knew anything about arrangements for the baby and was told that it simply wouldn’t be possible to have him. The bed manager was wonderful. She did offer an alternative of delaying the surgery and transferring me to Sunshine Hospital where they could admit the baby to the children’s ward and bring him to me for feeds. However having prepared myself mentally for surgery, and with recent attacks still in mind, I really didn’t want to delay it. So while the theatre staff were waiting to see if surgery was to go ahead or not I had to be on the phone to my ex husband and my friend to try to make arrangements for the baby. Luckily I was able to work something out and surgery could go ahead. I can’t say enough about the way the bed manager handled what would have no doubt been a difficult situation for her – she really was wonderful and I was quite distressed and anxious by this time. Ex brought him in so I could feed him the next day by which time I was SOOOOO looking forward to feeding him – was in more pain from boobs than anything is and was quite drowsy etc (not to mention drip and drain and oxygen etc) so hadn’t been allowed to have a hot shower to ease things a bit!

Was kept in 2 nights then was informed around 7.30am, over breakfast, that I could go home but that the paperwork would take approximately 2hrs. unfortunately it actually took a full FIVE hours or more to get out of there due to a mix up which meant that pharmacy closed without sending up my drugs (well they called me at 9 the next morning to tell me they were ready to be picked up – they were lucky I was reasonably polite at that hour of the morning)!

I had a couple of days with just me and bubs til the big boys came back. Ex was actually surprisingly helpful throughout (although he was quite shirty about the 4amish phone call asking him to bring corey in cause my boobs were really full and i needed to feed him lol). He picked up boys and took them to daycare and brought them home again.

friday I actaully drove for the first time and had no problems…am getting better each day but still have trouble with bending to the floor etc.

on the whole though just bloody glad it is all over….one day (when i work up the courage) am going to have an icecream to celebrate) but hmm maybe not for a while yet!

am trying to get my paperwork etc organised for top50 now….the lists are growing so fast they kinda got on top of me for a minute (or a week) lol!

oh well baby steps one at a time – by the time i’m ninety I might be organised!

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Oh crap where did the week go!

sorry guys I went awol again (mind you i’m sure no one reads this pile of drivel anyway so perhaps I’m apologising to myself lol).

quick catchup
pre-admission thingo was good – I was told I didn’t have to see the anaesthetist but opted to because I wanted to make sure that we made plans for Corey. Nurse and Dr both were fairly unhelpful about what to do with Corey. Anaesthetist asked me what I planned to do with bub…I shrugged saying I really didn’t know as he was determined not to take a bottle it seemed and yet who could bring him in at 4am for a feed? He was great…suggested that perhaps having him with me was the best alternative and I says yes but apparently that can’t happen. Well he picked up the phone and made some calls then and there and MADE it happen! So Mr Ray Hui you are the BEST. All it took was ONE person to CARE enough to get the ball rolling.

the rest of the week – flew by with a woosh! When the gallstones relented my tooth arked up but thankfully only for a little while (it is coming out mid july). The boys were to go to daycare today and then to daddy’s but of course one comes down with conjunctivitis! Now I didn’t get the housework stuff I wanted to get done done but I did get lots of cuddles and giggles and chatting and playing with one fast growing up almost 3yr old AND he had a 2.5hr nap – I had to wake him to go to daddys!

Now I go in tomorrow – still not thinking about it lol….still not packed or even started packing…trying to decide if my suitcase really is TOO big afterall i should only be there for one night…what do i really need?….pjs, clothes, toiletries, a copy of SC arrived today that I’m trying hard not to read so I have it with me (of course also need clothes,nappies,wipes,toys,blanket for bubba)….oh well i’ve done the washing so it’s all clean!

top50 I’m sure can look after itself for one night…… running out of things to distract myself with though (well short of going crazy with housework lol).

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pre-admission thingo tomorrow

am a bit nervous but a bit releived I’ve made it so far….was turning into the grumpy mummy from hell today so I rang a friend and the kids went over to play with their friends – they had a ball and came back tired, fed AND bathed wow! was great – and best of all I had spent the 2hrs they were gone just veging reading a book in front of a heater that hasn’t cut out once all day (since the repair man came to fix it under warranty – after much arguing with the fixit people because the warranty had expired but the stupid thing had been ‘fixed’ twice already). The book has been a great distraction from things.

Am just barely keeping up with top50 and the housework etc but on the home stretch now.. tomorrow is preadmission clinic for my surgery. I’m a bit nervous but hoping I will get some positives out of this and can sort out what to do with corey – who is pretty adament that he won’t take a bottle at the moment. The Dr I saw for a prescription on tuesday seemed to think if i was still having trouble by friday they may keep me in and op sooner….not sure whether to hope for that or not as i do want it over but everything is organised for the boys to go to daddys for next thursday. guess we wait and see either way it won’t be long now.

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what a rollarcoaster ride!

wow what a 24 hrs…
went to see my gorgeous niece for her 11th birthday – went halves with my brother and bought her some pink crocs – she was pretty happy with them – meant to get a foot shot – hers and mine (in my purple ones) but forgot!

had a great time slaughtering 80s hits on singstar.

had yummy apple pie and custard….shouldn’t have! bloody gallstones played up on the way home. THANK the heavens for friends like PAM who come to the rescue. And for sisters who drive 1.5hrs to come get you then again to take you home and again the next day to take you back to your car!

Promised to chase up surgery but then got letter in the mail tis to be on the 15th June!

But i missed the bin collection AND my fridge died so have heaps of off food I have to through away. Still it seems fridge will be fixed by wednesday (with luck) and looks like insurance will cover it…so not all bad news!

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