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pre-admission thingo tomorrow

am a bit nervous but a bit releived I’ve made it so far….was turning into the grumpy mummy from hell today so I rang a friend and the kids went over to play with their friends – they had a ball and came back tired, fed AND bathed wow! was great – and best of all I had spent the 2hrs they were gone just veging reading a book in front of a heater that hasn’t cut out once all day (since the repair man came to fix it under warranty – after much arguing with the fixit people because the warranty had expired but the stupid thing had been ‘fixed’ twice already). The book has been a great distraction from things.

Am just barely keeping up with top50 and the housework etc but on the home stretch now.. tomorrow is preadmission clinic for my surgery. I’m a bit nervous but hoping I will get some positives out of this and can sort out what to do with corey – who is pretty adament that he won’t take a bottle at the moment. The Dr I saw for a prescription on tuesday seemed to think if i was still having trouble by friday they may keep me in and op sooner….not sure whether to hope for that or not as i do want it over but everything is organised for the boys to go to daddys for next thursday. guess we wait and see either way it won’t be long now.

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