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Oh crap where did the week go!

sorry guys I went awol again (mind you i’m sure no one reads this pile of drivel anyway so perhaps I’m apologising to myself lol).

quick catchup
pre-admission thingo was good – I was told I didn’t have to see the anaesthetist but opted to because I wanted to make sure that we made plans for Corey. Nurse and Dr both were fairly unhelpful about what to do with Corey. Anaesthetist asked me what I planned to do with bub…I shrugged saying I really didn’t know as he was determined not to take a bottle it seemed and yet who could bring him in at 4am for a feed? He was great…suggested that perhaps having him with me was the best alternative and I says yes but apparently that can’t happen. Well he picked up the phone and made some calls then and there and MADE it happen! So Mr Ray Hui you are the BEST. All it took was ONE person to CARE enough to get the ball rolling.

the rest of the week – flew by with a woosh! When the gallstones relented my tooth arked up but thankfully only for a little while (it is coming out mid july). The boys were to go to daycare today and then to daddy’s but of course one comes down with conjunctivitis! Now I didn’t get the housework stuff I wanted to get done done but I did get lots of cuddles and giggles and chatting and playing with one fast growing up almost 3yr old AND he had a 2.5hr nap – I had to wake him to go to daddys!

Now I go in tomorrow – still not thinking about it lol….still not packed or even started packing…trying to decide if my suitcase really is TOO big afterall i should only be there for one night…what do i really need?….pjs, clothes, toiletries, a copy of SC arrived today that I’m trying hard not to read so I have it with me (of course also need clothes,nappies,wipes,toys,blanket for bubba)….oh well i’ve done the washing so it’s all clean!

top50 I’m sure can look after itself for one night…… running out of things to distract myself with though (well short of going crazy with housework lol).

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