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my boys are growing up

I was expecting a delivery sometime between 8.30am and 5pm sometime this week – don’t you just love those vague delivery times….anyway i ordered my shopping online again (did it last week when I was recovering)…of course parcel then arrived shortly after shopping and I am free to leave the house again…anyway i digress…

I was putting groceries in the online cart and put in pullups for owen for night time…then took them out then put them back in over and over…in the end decided I should leave them out but forgot to remove them and ordered them anyway…well turns out they were out of stock so I guess I am not meant to have them….he is in undies – guess I might be washing a lot of sheets. He has been treating the pull up like a nappy anyway so hopefully this will help.

also realised that brett isn’t 2.5 any more…he will in fact be 3 in about 6 weeks OMG where did the time go?!

more soon promise – am just a bit swamped in work and stuff atm but will get caught up soon and get my life back under control again…

oh and b4 I go – i got two new cookbooks – a bread book and a slowcooker one – who knew you could make macaroni cheese in the slow cooker – and damn was it good (i’m nt a huge fan of mac and cheese but wow it was really good)!

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