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a full nights sleep

well sort of….

but…. I think that kg that Corey put on might have helped a bit as last night he slept from 7.30pm until 6.30am woohooo! now i just have to learn to sleep through the night and we will be right lol!

actually he will move to his own room soon and I’m going to repaint and redecorate my room woohooo!

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I don’t hate men!

Really have to straighten that one out apparently….I know at least one person who felt that I did when I mentioned that I really don’t need one in my life right now (I have a furniture trolley to move heavy stuff lol)!
Seriously though, I moved away from home into student accomodation then in with a friend of a friend then in with my bf (who I later married and recently separated from)…and so really I had never stood completely on my own two feet if you know what I mean.
It’s time that I did that. I am loving the independance. I am loving not discussing what I plan to do and just doing what I want to do. I am loving the satisfaction I get when I do something that I had never tried before. I can stand on my own two feet and I can look after myself and my boys.
At the moment that is enough for me – I am enjoying it.

ONE DAY…I might just meet Mr Right…you just never know…and if and when I do meet him then woohoo things will change…for now I’m happy with life as it is. I don’t NEED a man in my life…doesn’t mean I hate men!

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Tuesdays Tanty

well I lost the plot a bit today and the day just zoomed on by!

I hadn’t heard from the accountant about my tax and I really had expected it to be back by now (and I have ‘spent’ the return in my head several times over lol). I had no reply to an email so not liking the sounds of silence I rang the tax department….it hadn’t been LODGED! (was supposed to be lodged the day I signed it just over two weeks ago) well I lost the plot and I rang and I ranted and raved. I started to do it myself then stopped to go for a walk to get Owen from kinder…calmed down in the sunshine and when the owner of the practice called he was actually very good. Stayed calm and was helpful. All sorted now just have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully it will be back in time so as not to delay my plans for a trip to Adelaide!

meanwhile….in the interests of being completely free to go where I like when I like I got my hands on a laptop yesterday! woohoo! nothing too flash – a pretty basic model for $900 (new) but it’ll do what it has to do. Will be getting a router for home so i can work inside or even in the yard – hey summer is coming! And wireless broadband for those momentes when I’m out and about and get an sms saying site is down or something that needs my attention (or jsut if i’m away from home for a few days and want to check in when the kids are in bed of an evening).

And little corey – wow he is TEN MONTHS OLD!
and not so little anymore….there has been considerable concern about him being so small and falling further down the growth chart – he has been off the bottom of it for height and weight for ages now! well he put on exactly one KILO in the last month (had been doing only 2-300g a month) so now my big buffa weighs 7.9kg which means that in a couple of weeks when i head off to adelaide – he can face the front! woohoo!

so all in all today what did i achieve having a little tanty – nothing really – got myself all worked up and stressed and ultimately it isn’t the end of the world. My precious boys are still there, they are still driving me crazy with some things and then smothering me with kisses and cuddles and telling me they love me! They are what is important……… to them a tax return is pretty damned insignificant!

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Introducing Top50 New Zealand!

A while ago I came across a statement that top50 was ‘A great resource for australian and New Zealand scrapbookers’. The idea was planted that perhaps we should run with that and actaully cater a bit more for our New Zealand neighbours…

and so with many many many thanks to (in no particular order) Deb F (banner maker/digi scrapper extraordinaire), Tamara aka DivaTam (aka chief tech guru and cheerleader) & Cath & Mez (cheering/encouraging)………we welcome the very beginnings of

thanks girls couldn’t have done it without you.

you may remember I mentioned ‘excitment backstage’ at top50 – well this is one of those things…..but two more still coming so keep an eye out!

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wow – wednesday already!

how did the week just fly by like that!

dinner out was lovely and then I came home intending to join in the cybercrop and scrap but somehow jsut didn’t get there. I did manage to do this one the next day though.

So now I’m meant to be cleaning house for the birthday party on sunday….but as usual i’m procrastinating…I have started though!

And I’ve organised party bags, wrapped presents and painted up some cardboard number 3s to decorate the wall with!

Gotta love the 3yr old bday party….I missed all this excitment when Owen turned three because he had only just started to string 2 words together. Brett on the other hand is really quite verbose (don’t know WHERE he gets that from) lol! He is VERY excited…even about the paper plates with happy birthday on them…but mostly about having a ‘thomas party’ …I think I’m looking forward to his birthday as much as he is at this point! Roll on Sunday.

oh and plumber was great, didn’t cost a fortune but tap isn’t done yet (i’m not silly it actually WAS A bit more complicated than it should be but he will come and put the new one in after i get my tax return -he did give me a quote) and I LOVE having a dishwasher – man it is AWESOME even the really grotty stuff came out SPARKLING!

well best I get back to the grindstone. When the little one wakes up I’m off to the plaza again, gotta get some more plaster attaching thingo whatsits to put up my ikea rail/holders in my scraproom…and need black icing too for the bday cake…

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Crazy busy…but doing what exactly?

Ever have one of those weeks where you seem to be endlessly on the run and at the end of the week you sit back and realise you have achieved close to nothing?

House was tidy…for 20minutes on Tuesday I think …sorry if you missed it!

I have been spending a lot less time on the computer and a Lot more time with the boys. We have built castles and roads and cooked and even did a bit of cleaning.

Tonight they are off to Daddy’s (all three) and I’m going out with a couple of friends for dinner. Have decided that not only will I part with my much loved purple crocs for the night but I am actually going to get a bit dressed up for a change – last time I was dressed up was my lil brothers wedding in January.

BIG THANKS to Tamara for running the top50 cybercrop TONIGHT (I’m planning to join in later) so that I can go out!

And then tomorrow it is back to reality of cleaning behind the old broken dishwasher and picking up the new one and then monday is wait wait wait for the plumber and hope it won’t cost me every last cent to get the new tap and dishwasher installed and the leak fixed….still dishwasher was a bargain (1/2 price sale) so will just wait and see.

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I love the Book Depository

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