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Crazy busy…but doing what exactly?

Ever have one of those weeks where you seem to be endlessly on the run and at the end of the week you sit back and realise you have achieved close to nothing?

House was tidy…for 20minutes on Tuesday I think …sorry if you missed it!

I have been spending a lot less time on the computer and a Lot more time with the boys. We have built castles and roads and cooked and even did a bit of cleaning.

Tonight they are off to Daddy’s (all three) and I’m going out with a couple of friends for dinner. Have decided that not only will I part with my much loved purple crocs for the night but I am actually going to get a bit dressed up for a change – last time I was dressed up was my lil brothers wedding in January.

BIG THANKS to Tamara for running the top50 cybercrop TONIGHT (I’m planning to join in later) so that I can go out!

And then tomorrow it is back to reality of cleaning behind the old broken dishwasher and picking up the new one and then monday is wait wait wait for the plumber and hope it won’t cost me every last cent to get the new tap and dishwasher installed and the leak fixed….still dishwasher was a bargain (1/2 price sale) so will just wait and see.

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