Tuesdays Tanty

August 22, 2006 at 10:38 pm Leave a comment

well I lost the plot a bit today and the day just zoomed on by!

I hadn’t heard from the accountant about my tax and I really had expected it to be back by now (and I have ‘spent’ the return in my head several times over lol). I had no reply to an email so not liking the sounds of silence I rang the tax department….it hadn’t been LODGED! (was supposed to be lodged the day I signed it just over two weeks ago) well I lost the plot and I rang and I ranted and raved. I started to do it myself then stopped to go for a walk to get Owen from kinder…calmed down in the sunshine and when the owner of the practice called he was actually very good. Stayed calm and was helpful. All sorted now just have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully it will be back in time so as not to delay my plans for a trip to Adelaide!

meanwhile….in the interests of being completely free to go where I like when I like I got my hands on a laptop yesterday! woohoo! nothing too flash – a pretty basic model for $900 (new) but it’ll do what it has to do. Will be getting a router for home so i can work inside or even in the yard – hey summer is coming! And wireless broadband for those momentes when I’m out and about and get an sms saying site is down or something that needs my attention (or jsut if i’m away from home for a few days and want to check in when the kids are in bed of an evening).

And little corey – wow he is TEN MONTHS OLD!
and not so little anymore….there has been considerable concern about him being so small and falling further down the growth chart – he has been off the bottom of it for height and weight for ages now! well he put on exactly one KILO in the last month (had been doing only 2-300g a month) so now my big buffa weighs 7.9kg which means that in a couple of weeks when i head off to adelaide – he can face the front! woohoo!

so all in all today what did i achieve having a little tanty – nothing really – got myself all worked up and stressed and ultimately it isn’t the end of the world. My precious boys are still there, they are still driving me crazy with some things and then smothering me with kisses and cuddles and telling me they love me! They are what is important………..next to them a tax return is pretty damned insignificant!

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