OMG where did 3 whole weeks go!

September 19, 2006 at 11:08 pm Leave a comment

wow! can’t beleive it has been so long!

anyway after the *&**** accountant left the practice without bothering to lodge my return I wasn’t sure if I would have enough dosh for my holiday so I decided to have a sale! Well bloody hell it went well and I have been working my huge butt off getting all the work done ever since…still have a couple to finalise.

Also got the big TREASURE HUNT up and running at – go check it out as there are 5 AWESOME prizes to be won (prizes drawn at random from correct entries – you have til 15th october to get your entry in)!

The holiday was awesome! Just a nice relaxed week with Mum and Dad and my brother Steve! Kids were pretty good on the whole – great for the drive there and not too bad on the way home either! The show was a touch on the cold/windy side but was still a lot of fun…Owen however is a WUS (ok we already knew this) and Brett is a little daredevil! We took a ride on popeye and went to the zoo and we did a bit of shopping – including scooping up some bargains!

Since we got back it’s been more work and stuff AND swimming lessons – Brett had his first lesson and it occurred to me (yes i’m a bad mother) that it was actually the first time he had ever been IN a swimming pool AT ALL! But they had him sitting on the edge of the pool and diving in! he LOVED IT! (but sadly camera hadn’t been prewarmed and hence didn’t actually work – fogged up) will try again this week!

I’ve been doing a little bit of scrapping even which has been fun as i’ve neglected it of late…

in fact the only downside to this evening is that i’m off to the dentist tomorrow to have the remnants of a molar pulled out (the wisdome tooth has already come half through where the molar was and there isn’tmuch left so it is NOT going to be pretty)! here’s hoping it comes out without too much grief (and that i don’t get lectured too much)!

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some days life is just grand! tooth is out

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