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tulips and tonsilitis

We went to see the tulips at the tulip festival yesterday.

Despite a niggling sore throat all day and one small episode of carsickness (a nearly 5 year old boy on the freeway) we had a lovely day…

The boys loved the windmills and just running amongst the flowers. WE had packed a picnic and so then we indulged for afternoon tea. Possibly the BEST slice of cheesecake I’ve ever had (and that is saying something because my big sis makes a mean cheesecake)! butterscotch – had to share a bit with the kids too cause it was more than I could eat.

Stopped by at Jens on the way home and she took some more awesome pics of my boys – particularly my little blue eyed Corey James!

By the time we hit werribee twas late and my head/ears/throat hurt so I drove through maccas and got the kids some dinner, whcih they ate then went to bed…they were asleep very fast after such a long (but totally fabulous) day. I’m so glad that we took the trip out there it really was awesome…I will post some pics later.

So this morning I felt pretty crap so I took the big boys off to daycare and then me off to the doctor…tonsolitis…have some antibiotics and was actually feeling fairly ok this afternoon but back to tired and blah now…off to bed soon…at least the antibiotics will knock it in the head, am glad I went to the dr (usually i would put it off as long as possible) lol….

so here’s to a nice quiet day at home tomorrow…gotta work on owen’s speech stuff – whcih will be fun with my voice coming and going lol…ah well thems the breaks!

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