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Saw surgeon – had even told the kids it would be a long wait…walk in empty waiting room in and out in 20minutes!

verdict…tricky, very tricky. Basically there is an extra ‘flap’ of skin that needs to be removed but just doing so without due care there would be a good chance of cutting off the circulation to other areas…nasty very nasty. Will be waiting a long time before next long? no idea! Paddy says that by the time it has grown enough to be ready to op then Owen will WANT to have it done (as in by then he will know it is ‘different’) so I guess one less thing I have to try to explain …for now. Not looking forward to the discussion the day he realises his IS ‘different’ but deal with it when it comes….the good news is that Paddy is still confident of a ‘good result’ in the long term.

other news – business cards are ready for printers woohoo DebF is a bloody marvel!
and I lashed out and ordered new bras (from the states cause I am size bloody huge) so they should be hear by xmas…by which time Corey will be well and truely weaned too! now must stop spending up!

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How and when to expain things to a child?

ok most people I know would know that Owen was born with a severe case of hypospaidies (which is basically a malformation of the penis – it means the hole isn’t at the end but on the underside – his was almost at the base of his penis). Owen had his first op a week b4 he turned one followed by emergency surgery in the early hours of the morning due to complications….he then had another one about 6 months later and then a further one another 6 months or so again. We have always known that he would need more down the track to make it look ‘normal’ so I don’t know why suddenly it would seem a problem! But you see with Owen’s speech and language delays I’ve never really had to explain it to him. Today he is going to see the surgeon and I told him the dr wants to look at his penis and explained that he might need to have another operation on it but he doesn’t understand why – he tells me it works that it isn’t broken….how to explain to a nearly 5yr old that his penis doesn’t look ‘normal’ when he hasn’t worked that out for himself yet?! So I guess we wait and see – chances are that Paddy (surgeon) will say see you in another year…but then he has in the past said ‘how about tuesday?’ (in which case I would have to say please NO wait til next month)!….wait and see…wait and see…

in the mean time I leave you with one last observation….

Three boys under 5yrs old are LOUD!…..wonder if i can pick up some earplugs

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