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Just do it!

ok so I’ve borrowed a slogan….

but I did….the other day I bit the bullet and sent an email and this morning I had a reply of ‘yes’…so I sat at my computer and my head did full circles as I contemplated the reality of what I had done….omg sounds soooo serious and dangerous doesn’t it…and yet really what I did was ….

book a stand for top50 at the trade show at Paperific Melbourne !

So I’ll be there on Friday in the trade show bit, with the laptop and stuff woohoo! Am excited and nervous at the same time! I have a tonne of things to do but hey busy is good isn’t it?!

Also…I put Corey in his own room yesterday! He is sleeping through the night now! woohoo again! BIG NEWS he is also drinking regular cows milk, cold from the fridge, out of a spill proof cup! He is still being breastfed a couple of times a day but will start a gradual weaning process so that he is weaned in time for me to go on the very special getaway melb cup weekend…

So my plans for the next month

7th – bday party for a friend
8th – TOP50 CYBERCROP – come and join us!
15th I’m SCrappin all day here
21st Corey turns one – going to thomas’s big day out
22nd Maccas party for Owen (& Corey)
23rd Owen turns FIVE
27th trade show at paperific
29th visiting paperific
3rd – getaway weekend

so there you go apparently I do have a life afterall…and on that note I will leave with one final thought…..

Not everyone likes me….and you know what….I’m ok with that!

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Kinder tomorrow…

where oh where does the time go?!

I made so many plans in my head about these school holidays and we didn’t actually get to many of them! oh well there will be other times to go and do stuff.

So kinder starts again tomorrow morning…back to the frantic up and organised and out early…I really hope I can be organised enough to leave with time to WALK instead of driving…I find somehow the walk soothes me a bit…so long as i’m not stressing out about him being late for kinder!

I have been flat out with top50 and stuff lately although I’m not sure that I’m actually making any progress sometimes! Hopefully I am.

Also I’ve been thinking a little lately that I tend to get focused on the things that stress me out etc etc….and I think that instead I should remind myself of the things that made me HAPPY today…

sample pots of purple paint for my bedroom…
getting photos of the treasure hunt prizes
playing with my baby (omg he is almost ONE how did that happen)

ok off to bed i have to be up for kinder in the morning!

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