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I’m tired today – well a lot lately. But everytime I get time to myself I end up achieving very little. I dropped the kids off at their Dads for the weekend tonight and have just enjoyed some peace and quiet. Am went to help a friend to move some things and then took the rest of the evening to get my scraproom/office tidied up as it is currently a disaster area.
All this time I have laboured/procrastinated under the misbelief that knowledge is power and now Sandi Givens not only suggests that it isn’t but PROVES it… check out the questions she asks on pages 13-14 of her book sample (available for free to download)! I sat here with mouth drooped open at how spot on she was!

Power is in ACTIONS not knowledge.   So thank you Sandi. I listened to the cd last night – the one I bought at the auction at the getaway and hadn’t gotten around to listening to yet) while I was actually CLEANING up my scraproom/office. My desk is now tidy and what a huge difference it makes to my ability to function properly at ‘work’.

So off to work – I want to get my emails sent off in the next hour so I have time for a quick flit to my LSS for something then home to play – because I CHOOSE to spend a little time being creative today!

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’tis the season… Look what I did!!

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