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Things are moving along…

I had a meeting with the bank yesterday about a new loan to transfer the house into my name.  Looking good to be done just b4 Christmas at this stage.  Valuer called at 5 to nine this morning and was out here by 4pm today all done just have to wait a few days for that to get back to the bank but it SHOULD be ok as it was valued only 7-8 months ago and that was just fine.  Have also been getting the conveyancer sorted out so it is onwards and upwards we go.

I had a very good chat with the early intervention woman today about Owen too.   I asked last time I spoke to her about the possibility of him seeing a psychologist because of a few issues especially as he seems to get anxious/stressed and toilet training goes backwards and it was brushed off with a we will see how it goes next year.  Well she actually doesn’t recall saying that but apologised!  She has now promised to look into for me as on discussion with kinder teacher it has been noted that while he talks my bloody ear off he doesn’t talk much at kinder at all.  Also when I took him to the Show in Adelaide I saw him visibly tense when we went in and relax when we came out.  He doesn’t like new places or a lot of change…and is scared to do #2s in the toilet (like you all needed to know that lol)….all seems to point to an anxiety problem which she acknowledged so at last we may be getting somewhere.  See the pead on Thursday next week too and have some stuff to discuss with him…hopefully we will see some progress in the new year.

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