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two posts in one day I know I know…

but I just had to add this little challenge….

take some time – just a few minutes this week to say thanks to someone…thats all – simple really.

I deal with hundreds of emails EVERY day.  Yesterday I got an email that simply said thankyou to me for doing my job but it was beautifully written and totally made my another little thankyou (on my blog) left me feeling warm and fuzzy again……….

so if you love the warm fuzzy feeling – share it with someone else – say thankyou. It may be something someone has done – or even just a kind comment about well behaved children in the xmas crazed shops….say something nice and make someones day….go on I dare you!

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All systems go…

kids are all better and so am I woohoo!

Xmas shopping almost completed!

Best news of all. My new homeloan has been approved (just waiting on the paperwork to sign). Transfer of ownership has been signed and lodged with conveyencer so that I will own the house in my own name (and the mortgage) before Xmas!

To celebrate I am going to drop a hammer on my kitchen tiles and shovel them all up and rip out my old (falling apart from water damage from leaking tap) kitchen and put in a brand spanking new IKEA kitchen.  AM very excited – a little concerned but should be ok.  Have been getting all the dollars sorted and I should have enough (nothing much left over though so hoping nothing much goes wrong along the way)!

Chrisco is coming tomorrow (so is plumber to quote me on the renos lol) so today is clean up day so I have room for all the chrisco stuff!

Got some good news this morning – there is no kinder on the 21st dec so I don’t have to split myself into two for end of term functions.  IT gets better…the kinder are having an end of year concert AND it is on when my DAD (GRAMPS) will be visiting – he is only going to be here for 2 nights so how lucky is THAT!  Owen is pretty happy about it and so is Gramps.

anyway back to the grind – I’m off to see what I can do about constructing a sandpit for my boys.  (in order to avoid what i really should be doing – ie cleaning the kitchen….but the dishwasher is washing some dishes at least)!

oh and my scanner died….may it rest in peace….not happy it is only a couple of years old – worked one day – didn’t work the next no lights nothing…..miss my scanner.

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