Xmas Countdown….15 more sleeps

December 10, 2006 at 10:11 pm Leave a comment

It’s almost here….and it has me remembering so many Christmas’s past….so as a challenge to me to actually blog more often….I thought I might try to (at least every 2nd day until xmas) bore you to tears with a Christmas memory from previous years…

We won’t go last xmas which was meant to be awesome as was the first time in several years that my whole family were together for xmas day and actually turned out rather ordinary as ex and I weren’t getting on well and so it was rather full of tension….oops I said we wouldn’t go there and I did!

I remember the Christmas in Badnock (sp?) st in Mt Gambier I would have been ummm just turned 8…..not sure if we knew yet at that stage that we would be moving interstate to Sydney not that long after woods (march I think?).  I remember I got a wooden dolls high chair for Xmas….and we all got a trampoline!  But I remember my cousin Carl jumping off the bunk beds and breaking my high chair to pieces…he broke my poor little 8 yr old heart with his indifference!  seems so petty now.  That was around the time we had a family pic taken of all of Grans Grandchildren together…the youngest was then about 3 months old…he is now 21 I think….and yet that was the last time we were all together…who would have thought then as we played backyard cricket after lunch that Christmas day that we would never be all together again.  Back then it was a reasonably common occurrence!  I’d share the pic but my scanner isn’t working!  Oh I remember something else too….Gran gave me and my sister and two cousins the same dresses… in pink and blue…little summer thin strapped dresses…I remember wearing it a lot that summer too!
Truly I remember warm happy family times – and yet that year is marked by the destruction of my favourite new toy before it was a year old rofl!  mental note here to make the next one a tad more cheerful!

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Thankyou Xmas Countdown….14 more sleeps

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