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firstly – I can’t believe that I left out the most important bit of that previous post…so here goes it again…

Some of you will know that I had decided to extend my Christmas visit with Mum and Dad to two weeks.  It is actually the longest time I have spent with them well frankly since I finished uni (so um a decade give or take).  Just before I left I suddenly got a bit worried that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for such an extended visit…that perhaps we would drive each other insane and want out after a week….

I am happy to report that was NOT the case.

I was in tears and I shared the biggest hugs with Mum and Dad (at this point I will add that Dad didn’t help with the tears bit by whispering ‘you’re doing a great job’ in my ear either). Now Owen and Brett were definitely NOT angels during my visit – major toilet training issues still going on with no method of ‘training’ appearing to be having ANY affect at all, and made worse by the startling revelation that apparently Owen at least has no such problems when at Daddy’s house (which I was informed just before we left).  Anyway the support and encouragement, the physical help and assistance and just the love and friendship of my family is amazing and wonderful and I am so truly blessed that I was in tears all the way through Adelaide til we got to the hills…for the first time in years it was time to go home and I wasn’t ‘ready to go’.

So – am I moving to Adelaide?  No.  It surprised me how much my heart would like to go but ultimately there are two fairly big things stopping me at the moment (they may change one day so who knows, I’m not saying never).  Finances – I couldn’t sell this house and buy a new one in Adelaide – that may change one day as my equity in this one rises (or if I win lotto lol). And of course the other one is the kids Dad.  As long as he is living around here then I feel I should hang about for the kids sake – they would miss their dad – they did miss him just being away 2 weeks – that is the longest they have gone without seeing him.

so we might just have to up the number of visits to Adelaide….and maybe one day – just maybe I’ll even rethink the portable/car dvd player.

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catching up!

Man have a got a lot of things to do …and a lot of things to say even….(not like me I know)…

anyway will TRY to be brief (yeah ok so maybe not so grab a coke and a choccy)!

Xmas – was lovely – just the relaxing Christmas days that I remember from years back. Kids loved most of their pressies…biggest hits would probably be …

for Owen – the ace toy guitar (red of course) that Mum & Dad gave him – he was stoked and has played and played it! oh and his big truck from uncle steve
for Brett – surprise surprise – his Kombi’s! – oh and his big truck from Uncle Steve
for Corey – probably his piggy bank (but closely followed by his little people trucks from Mum & Dad and Steve and Katie)

Which of course brings me to the girlfriend lol! My brother found himself a girlfriend apparently a couple of months ago (although I only found out just b4 xmas)! Anyway Katie is lovely – (and her little girl is cute) and they just seem so revoltingly happy – it is wonderful, awesome, fabulous. She just fits into our family in the same way that Yogi did when we first met him – I am over the moon for him! He seems so damn happy that he is indeed a different person.

the trip up – was kinda sucky as it was HOT (talking road melting and sticking to my crocs) and the car was playing up. Was relieved to get there (and just in time for dinner too – lamb chops never smelled/tasted so good)! Anyway got the car fixed (yeah $500 later ouch!) but at least she goes now and would happily recommend the services of ultratune (well in modbury SA anyway)!

the trip back – a little noisy – the big boys stopped the little one from sleeping for most of the way but we got there in the end in time for dinner and bed. kids now at daddys (went this morning).


resolutions – In the past I haven’t been very big on resolutions and I’m not sure that I even am now. Having said that I know that my life has completely changed since Steve and I separated – not because now I’m a single mum but more because I made a decision to enjoy my life again. I CHOSE happiness! I hope to remember that in the coming year. To get control of frustration and anger and turn it into something positive

and I have a ‘to do’ list for 2007 too – a common sense practical list of things that need to be done and nothing more….

House stuff

kitchen – complete makeover

lounge – repaint & new curtains or roller shutter and voile

my bedroom – repaint & new blinds, plus new bed & assemble wardarobe and get all the clothes into it so it is tidy!

Owen and Bretts room – toys sorted and stored/gotten rid off

Coreys room – find some room for him to have some toys too maybe?

Back yard – big clean up and construction of a brick sandpit on the pavers (new laser light would be nice on verandah but that’s a wish list)!


finish the new ‘coming soon’ thing on the front page

do paperific – the full show

keep it growing and keep it fun!


Get Owen and Brett toilet trained (at least daytime although seriously night time wouldnt’ hurt either)


have some scrap nights/days HERE – and maybe get to some out too!

am sure i had loads of clever and witty things to say but really I am totally exhausted and am having a total ME day (well apart from the fact that i need to go get bread and milk at least)

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