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It’s a quarter to two in the morning…

my body clock is sooo out of whack!

I have been up til 2.30ish the last two nights – the first one scrapping (one LO that I haven’t scanned yet still) and the second chatting (not that I could get a word in edgewise) with friends on yahoo!  At least tonight I have been working, a few new ads to put up and they are all done and filed now – well all that I can do has been done for tonight anyway.

Kids had a friend over today….well I rang to see if they were still planning to come and thank goodness I did.  The poor 5yr old boy who answered the phone was a bit distressed and asked me to please bring my kids and come and help because his Mummy was stuck in the bathroom.  He did sooo well for a kid his age.  He tried so hard to unlock the front door but the lock was stiff. In the end I managed to get through a section of fence that looked like it was propped up (it was indeed just propped up and I moved it relatively easily) and he was able to open the back door. His mum was able to tell me then that the door handle (which had fallen off the day before) was on the bar and we got her and her little girl out of there.  Turned out she had been stuck in there for about 2.5hrs and was getting quite stressed out.  Anyway I took her son back home to play with the boys and she came over later with her little girl for dinner (lasagne, chips and salad yum).

Am hoping that as the kids didn’t get to bed til 8.30ish that they may just sleep in a bit in the morning….especially as I am up so bloody late again despite promising myself I would be in bed at a respectable hour (not that 2am isn’t unrespectable – unless you have kids that don’t really know the meaning of QUIET in the morning and think that 7ish is a decent hour to get up and start full on loud playing)!

so tomorrow really am going to go to bed early! really……….

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