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ok I stopped whinging…

I did truly….man I am a big sook…

I spent the evening whinging about

Owen being sick so not going to daycare tomorrow

Brett being touch and go for daycare tomorrow

It being 39 degrees C blah

my throat/sinus infection

My ex

My home loan issues (long story short credit union have been waiting on paperwork for 1-2 weeks but no one got around to telling me AND the paperwork is just something signed by me and him (not just me) to say we are paying out the existing loan – apparently no one else can pay out your loan without you signing it….just in case anyone wants to pay out mine please be assured I will only be too happy to sign the paperwork)!

it being 38 tomorrow

people ringing me and asking for my husband

but you know with all the carry on about how shitty everything is I overlooked the good stuff that happened today.

Owen did a pooh on the toilet again (without being nagged) he hasn’t really been eating much so hasn’t gone much but he hasn’t had an accident for I think about a week now – and yes he is FIVE and shouldn’t be having them at all but this is still wonderful.

also cute is that when I mentioned that he might stay with me tomorrow and the kids go to daycare he was sad that he would miss Corey and Brett!

So tomorrow if they are feeling ok enough I might treat them to a movie – cause it is a very rare occurance that i have just the two big ones without Corey to do things like that (and lets face it the movies have air con)

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