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a message from my good friend KATE

Have you heard that Monopoly are developing an Aussie board game? The same as the traditional Monopoly game, but with Aussie icons around the board. There is a website set up where you can vote for your favourite location and I believe it is the top 3 spots in each state/territory will make it onto the board!

Now my request … I am pleading with you all that you log onto the site daily (it waits 24 hours before you can vote again) and after you have voted for your favourite location in your state, PLEASE VOTE FOR THE DEVILS MARBLES in the NT!!! The site is

I am the manager of Tourisim in my region, and the Marbles are our major attraction, jsut 100km south of me in Tennant Creek. Uluru (or ‘the Rock’ as we call it) is known worldwide, and will no doubt get heaps of votes. Because of this, I am asking that you consider giving the ‘little guys’ a boost!!! While Uluru is famous, the local sacred site is just as important to our Traditional Owners and they have been working hard lately with anthropologists to record the Dreaming stories. To get the Marbles onto the Monopoly board would be the sort of promotion of this natural icon that money just can’t buy … especially from the budget of the smallest Tourism region in the Territory!!!

Voting started just this week and continues till the 10th of February. So please please please give the Devils Marbles your vote!!!

I have emailed everyone I know asking that they give us a running chance against the big guns!! I would really appreciate it if you would consider giving us your NT vote, and pass the word on to anyone else you know.

Thank you so much. It would mean the world to this small region to be up there with the big guys!!!


Kate Smile

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highs and lows

had a phone call today that I thought would be just another ordinary thing that had to be dealt with – a simple attitude of kindness and helpfulness made it an absolute joy. So congratulations Origin Energy – who would have thought Electricity could come with a caring attitude!

On the other hand – why do parenting magazines never have front page stories like ‘how to survive a supermarket trip with 3 kids under 6 AND retain your sanity’ nuff said lol!

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facing reality…

I am being honest today.

I am going to have to put my new kitchen on hold for at least a few months and more likely indefinitely.

Due to the drought the house has been moving and cracks have been opening up. This has been going on for at least the last 5 years and I think it is probably time to actually take it seriously instead of making jokes about the house falling down.

Water restrictions make it a little difficult to follow the advice of an engineer that I sought a couple of years ago but I am in the throws of organising a watering system which will allow me to water the house (only on tuesdays/saturdays between 8-10pm of course) and I am going to measure the gap near my bedroom window which is the worst affected area. I will keep measuring and recording for at least a month to see if it is getting better or worse or staying the same. From all that I have read water won’t be enough though as the gaps are too big and something else will need to be done – but at least with the watering and measurements and THEN a report from an engineer we will have a good starting point.

Last time I looked into this I was given an estimate of $11K to fix it and told that if i got the engineers report (to confirm the quote) I was giving them the job – well bullsh*t mate. I am stronger now and will NOT be taken for a ride (not to the tune of $11K – now if you tell me I NEED a new scrapping toy I am likely to believe you).

Anyway I am not allowing myself to be stressed over this…it is the sensible, grown up thing to do and the decision has been a little too long in coming. Seems it is time to be a grown up (I think reading Ngaire’s blog about being a grown up while I had this ‘new kitchen V house falling down’ argument going on in my head may have helped to ultimately push me in the sensible direction I would have gotten too eventually). It is a good time to do it anyway. The extra $ I had arranged for the kitchen may well be a sounder investment in maintaining the structural integrity of the roof over our heads after all.

So its a little sad but I will keep dreaming of my new kitchen and who knows I may still get it sooner than later. It’s not over til the fat lady sings after all (or til the engineer hands over the report). the 11k could be way off what it will cost. As a ballpark if it costs that much I still need to find another $3 but that is a whole lot better than finding $11 so I have a good head start after all. So just measuring, watering and taking pictures and hoping for the best then will call the engineers in for a verdict and do the sensible thing.

In the longrun I think that if/when I come to selling the house eliminating the big cracks in the brickwork and bent looking walls might do better to increase the value and help sell it than a new kitchen (which does really need doing but I guess in reality is less urgent than the brickwork).

So here’s to being grown up and sensible……and see me wave goodbye to my beautiful new kitchen…..just for a bit

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I love the Book Depository

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