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Oh what a wonderful day!

In no particular order….

Went to safeway (one for the farmers) even though I would normally have left it for tomorrow – the dread of taking 3 energetic young boys you see.  Well I went and it is amazing what happens when you change your attitude.

Normal supermarket with boys attitude – ok lets get in and out as fast as possible, grit your teeth it won’t be long!

Today’s supermarket with boys attitude – ok we have a list. Boys can you help me? the first thing we need to find is milk. Oh you found some good! Let me see – we will have one of those ones – you got it Owen great….Now it must be Bretts turn we need cheese…! Kids were great – people commented on how cute they were and helpful (as opposed to the usual dirty looks) !

Got two lots of paperwork finalised and in the mail.  The third arrived today and is ready to go tomorrow – just need to photocopy something.

Kids backpacks are packed for daycare AND their clothes laid out (here’s hoping they actually get themselves dressed like we talked about).

Fridge has coke (zero) again.

I shopped!Purple topRed topnice huh?

I got a settlement date on my mortgage – THURSDAY!

We had a good dinner (tuna bake with cheese swirls -kids ate some no moaning).

Kids went to bed well (ok this is normal but still good)

I got books in the mail! (caffeine for the creative mind – very interesting)

Tomorrow is daycare day!

I have friends to chat to!

The devils marbles is gaining ground – don’t forget to vote …see here
AND Top50 is having a BIG MEGA Australia Day Scrap Frenzy – lots of fun, photo challenges, scrap challenges, games and activities and stuff – heaps of prizes so check it all out here

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