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A little teary

I’ve just been off doing a little bit of blog surfing instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing and now I’m wiping big fat tears off my brand new desk.

Been reading about all the mummy’s sending their babies off to school for the first time. And you know it’s weird. You see I’ve known for a good 2 years or more that Owen would be doing 2 years of kinder and that was fine and that IS fine because that IS what is best for him and yet I am sitting here having a little blubber because my baby isn’t going to school this year and he should be cause he’s 5 but he so isn’t ready and it just isn’t fair. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change him. I love him to bits but some days it just is a little hard because most days you forget the ‘developmentally delayed’ label and you just see a silly little boy walking like a cowboy….and other days the words slap you in the face and you realise that he isn’t quite up to where he should be and you wonder if you could have done better by him somehow and all the while you KNOW that it’s silly and that you’ve done the best job you knew how to do. And I KNOW how good the kinder staff are and I KNOW he needs this extra year and the stupid thing is that NEXT year, even despite this, I’ll be a blubbering mess because I’ll be sending my baby off to school and I WON’T be ready….

now see told you….silly silly Mummy….best I got get that pooter inside now and get the dinner organised before I go fetch the little monsters!

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I am woman….hear me roar

….or swear! lol!

I am pretty wrecked. My hands hurt from turning the screwdriver (20 screws for 4 desk legs come on)! I have a dust induced hay fever headache slowly abating (drugs are a wonderful thing)! But I also managed to single handedly get the HUGE desk which is wider than the doorway OUT the door and I have assembled the new smaller funkier black one (assembled the pedestal drawers last night) and I have unplugged and plugged everything back in and it all seems to be working….I have an extra cord….but it all seems to be working so we shall wait and see what happens on that front!

Now the scrap desk that I had successfully cleared off is now looking pretty messy again and I still have lots more sorting/tidying/organising in here but progress IS being made in turning this into a NICE scraproom and office. Step by step am making progress.

Oh and today I finally got some other things sorted too

kinder fees – paid woohoo just in time as kinder starts tomorrow (story is I asked if I could pay at the agm with cc and was told yes but then couldn’t so have forgotten to pay the bill again and again since November! – well interviews anyway (damn I forgot to get Owen a new hat – he kinda threw up all over his on the way home from Adelaide and at the time I thought it easier to just chuck it and buy a new one)!

car rego – paid and changed to 6 monthly how is that! Get a discount too and only have to pay it every 6 months – love it when I can spread my bills to make them more manageable!

AND – medicare – I have my own card number coming without ex on it (we both get to have the kids on our own card which is good). So almost completely organised on that front. Just one more bank account (which he is using but still has my name on) and RACV – must type up that fax so he can sign it to separate the membership especially as it will be due soon!

Well I had best get the pasta cooking for dinner tonight and take the kids computer and desk inside as I ejected it from the scraproom but can hardly let it sit outside overnight!

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They know….

I kept forgetting to tell the ex to let me know when he planned to tell the boys about the baby….today on our way home from IKEA (love IKEA – spent too much but got most the things on my list – half way through assembling but thought he neighbours might not take too kindly to excessive banging at this time of night)….anyway drifted off topic (so not like me lol)…anyway on the way home Owen for some reason we got to talking about what the boys would be when they grew up. I think it started as a joke when I asked Brett if he was going to be a race car driver (answer was yes btw). Owen told me he was going to be a Tram driver (but only this way not the other way lol?!). So then he says that he won’t live with me any more cause he will be all grown up like Daddy. (vague recollections of talking about people growing up and moving out of home because of other things not so long ago). So I asked was he going to live alone or with someone. He is going to live with another boy not a girl (girl germs already methinks?)! Then he tells me he isn’t going to have a baby. Now that struck me as a little bit odd as not so long ago he was determined to be a Mummy! So I ask why not and he says that ‘boys don’t get babies in their tummy’s only girls’ ahh ok that I understand. But something seemed a little off so I asked if he knew anyone who was going to have a baby and he says yes Kelly. And so it all started to come out! He knows that the baby is Kellys baby and Daddy’s baby but he still doesn’t want to have a baby – not a big issue as lots of kids say that but a big turnaround for him. Still I’m betting it may have been a big shock for him to be told that (it seems he was told yesterday at Daddy’s house – by Kelly ,….yes I would have thought it his job to explain that or mine but we won’t go there)…..Neither of them seem terribly wrapt in the idea so will just keep an eye on it. Hard to get them excited about the prospect of a new little brother or sister given that it isn’t my baby…not feeling sad really just concerned for their feelings.

now did i mention they were GREAT at ikea we had a really good day (pity we forgot to go to the pead AGAIN), we looked and shopped and had lunch then looked then the kids went into the supervised play area for the first time! one hour in ikea with just me and corey to grab everything from our list and get through the checkout. left it in the loading bay with ikea staff while I picked up kids and then came back for stuff…lots of stuff! Love their system of matching stamps on the kids hands and mine so that no one else can pick them up too! I love that my kids Love IKEA too – although mostly I love it better on my own lol!

well its late again and I’m waffling again…

Corey still only nearly walking – if he would be brave and stand up more often the walking would just happen! tell me a boy who can bounce up and down standing can’t walk/stand – he just needs to work up some more confidence!

oh and one last comment – would you believe that it is not yet the end of January and we at top50 have completely BOOKED our monthly competition/cybercrop sponsorships for the rest of 2007! wow! how awesome is that!

I know I know I said one last one but we are cybercropping again this weekend on FRIDAY (challenges to be up by midnight on Sunday) so come and join in the fun with thanks to our sponsors at URBAN LILY!

oh and check out the new CHA stuff here with thanks to TAMARA!

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I love the Book Depository

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