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getting ready for a big weekend.

ok so we are cybercropping at top50 again on FRIDAY night – fun starts around 7.30pm and the sponsor this month is the fabulous URBAN LILY!

There have been hints posted on the site too and if I’m feeling nice might even through one more in tomorrow!

Minor mishap tonight – after much searching before and after kids went to bed have still not located Owen’s swimmers. He is swimming at 8.30am tomorrow. Had to ring ex for help (hate asking him for help) but turns out he was playing poker in Geelong so pointed out that Kmart in Belmont isn’t far away and open til midnight. He said he’d go and check it out so here’s hoping he finds something!

Got Owen a new red (maroon) hat for kinder today – almost ended up with a cap instead but best and less had ONE LEFT in the shop window! phew. I figure that if he will happily wear the wide brimmed hat that is what I would like him to have for as long as I can!

Corey has been doing more standing up today too which is great and at playgroup he walked holding one of my hands for a good 50m which is MUCH longer than the few steps he has previously managed…I think he is starting to get the idea!

Bought two cheap plastic draw units today for the kids toys in their room also literally swept the toys from under bretts bed to FILL another big box…and their room still looks a mess! This weekend when they are at Daddy’s I’m going to throw open the windows (no flywires so I don’t tend to open them usually as the little buggers will crawl in and out given half a chance) and give it a good airing, sweep up the remaining stuff and mop the floor too and new sheets etc then I can gradually sort the two big boxes of toys and return some gradually. Will have to put some new batteries in things too!

Also really decided I HAVE to get onto doing my room even if I only paint where the wardrobe is going to go as I decided that the unassembled wardrobe is actually a bit dangerous so best get it put together.

oh and news just in via sms – daddy has got him a full body swimsuit size 5 spiderman. not sure I love the full body one for toileting reasons but am sure Owen will love it and at least he can swim in the morning!

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Just let them play….

We started back in the boys room today – tackling the stash of toys under bretts bed (inspired by bargain plastic draw sets (3 really big deep drawers for $30 – got 2 sets). So the boys helped me to put them together and started tidying and then lost interest as they rediscovered old forgotten toys….I should be redirecting them but frankly they are having fun and I am tired and in need of a nana nap so just play boys ….just play

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