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To hot for anything much today….

so what is a girl to do on a day when they are forecasting 38, kids were with Daddy and I have no air con?!

exactly – SHOP!

So I went up to Victoria Gardens because afterall I didn’t completely buy out IKEA last time and I really needed to go back for Corey’s chair (which was in stock this time)!

So I caught ‘the pursuit of happiness’ while I was there and I enjoyed it – really I did and yet I wanted to know at the end did the money make him happy….cause surely there is more to life (although absolutely when you have so little it would sure make a big difference don’t get me wrong)…anyway just me ….it was good, made me cry…

Then I went to freedom – well I have to say that frankly FREEDOM SUCKS!

They had a to die for office chair (have been looking for a new one) and it was a reasonable price – high end of the budget but not off the scale) so I sat in it for a good 15min before I got up and went hunting for someone to help me…now an office chair – i’m thinking she’ll go get a box from out the back and I’ll take it to the car….nope 1.5weeks – I have to ORDER IT and pay a deposit etc….bugger that I want it NOW! mind you Ikea was out of stock of the other one I thought about and that didn’t bother me at all – weird huh)!

Oh well got some great wall storage for my scraproom and a bright pink desk chair for a girl who just turned 5 and of course Corey’s chair so was worth the trip …oh and a lamp. One end of my scraproom was going to be a bedroom so it isn’t particularly well lit – so a floor lamp for near the sewing machine for $20 bargain!

Tomorrow Owen goes to kinder for the first session of the year – only 1.5hrs. Wednesday I’m off to pick up my new swing chair!

For now I have a tonne of work to do so I best get cracking I guess!

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