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I can hear you breathing..

I really can Corey James. Often I sit out here and I am typing and chatting online and I have the baby monitor on but the keyboard and my general thoughts and stuff drown out the soft noises from the baby monitor. I can hear if Corey screams but not the soft stuff.

For some reason tonight I came out and sat and stared blankly at the monitor not really seeing anything, not really knowing what to do but feeling I should do something constructive…just feeling a little lost and overwealmed and I sat back and I closed my eyes for a second and I heard the gentle breathing of my littlest man on the monitor – as calming as the ocean and as peaceful. My little Corey James. And I know he will be there cuddling ‘jake the snake’ (thanks to my neices and nephews for that name).

I’m waffling again….just remembering no matter what the stress or the ‘drama’ of my life from one day to the next…most days I have those little arms to hold me and that cheeky little grin to brighten my day….and if it feels like I’ve been through a wrestling match to get him dressed….well at least that it is a fitness routine!

Corey James ok so sorry about the snotty nose etc but this is the most recent one I could find…can you believe THIS is my baby… he is getting so BIG (still not walking).

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