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lazy day

first weekend since kinder started back again….wow was great to not have to rush out of the house by 8.30am! mind you kinder has been starting at 9am for the first few weeks but well that is still early to have everyone up and dressed and out.

Kids weren’t too bad – apart from drowning the bathroom floor (literally) in order to kill the ants that have taken up residence in the bathroom! I did however mop the floor (just prior to the drowning) so at least bathroom is looking better.

Brett promises me that when we get a new toilet all his poohs will go in the toilet – so will be making a phonecall to my favourite plumber on Monday. I think Monday will be phonecall day – still have to get Owen on the waiting list to see a peadiatric psychologist and get an engineer in to look at the house too. so while the kids spend the afternoon with daddy I might just sit and make phone call after phonecall – what fun! but hey gotta get done and will be ticking things off my to do list at least

Haven’t even gone into my scraproom/office at all today….lost all inspiration to scrap – in fact haven’t even been taking photos…no energy gotta do something about that.

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