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Windy day….blowin’ my shed away…

well ok not yet…can’t see it in the dark but the roof is still banging a bit so hoping it will still be there in the morning so that I can get some roofing nails and have a bash at banging it down more securely (bricks apparently weren’t sufficient to hold it down). Now before you fret we are talking my dinky little wooden framed garden shed – not my scraproom, my office, my haven!

Trying to make some plans or think about making some plans for the year…will see what happens. Ex still hasn’t confirmed the dates I gave him for March, June, October and November but will see what happens.

On the xmas front – well also seeing what happens. He will have them for xmas day – not sure what other time around that but at least now he is thinking about it which is progress.

Anyway I still haven’t been feeling the best (ear/nose etc crap) so have given myself a midnight curfew for the rest of the week…it is looming fast so I had best clear up and head off!

Tomorrow I will find an engineer or give up and call in archicentre as I need to know where to go next on that one!

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