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bedtime blues….

my little monsters were always good at going to bed….no matter what happened during the day bedtime was the one thing i had to hold onto – put them in their room – a bit of playing/giggling and within 30min asleeep….hmmm it is starting to get to that ‘i want a drink’ or ‘i need to go to the toilet’ stage….now the toilet one is not really playing fair. And kids I am sure, know this. They know that you can’t say no to that one! still shouldn’t complain sounds like they are asleep now.

We went out for a bbq for dinner….they had vege burgers….told the kids they were ‘burgers’ (not no lying here) and they ate them up! I had never thought of that approach before! it was nice actually the kids were good (well until Brett did something in his undies – man I soooo long for the day that they are both trained)…Corey ate two sausages – and charmed everyone – but no repeat performance of yesterdays walking!

I finished watching series 5 of the Gilmore girls….now I had sworn that I would wait til 6 came on special but I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out after the way that #5 ended! love that show!

planning a working weekend while the kids go to daddys…really looking forward to my ‘very special getaway’ in March too now that it is booked and paid for.

lots of work to do at top50 too – a few improvements coming soon soo keep touching base – and our cybercrop is on the first weekend of March (sponsored by scrappers Warehouse) and we will have our new crossword trivia happening again so lots of fun for everyone!

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going on a getaway

I’m going….yup March getaway here I come! woohoo!

so looking forward to a weekend of fun and scrapping!

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