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sometimes things just click

*warning – this post involves discussion of toilet training boys*

Brett is a LEGEND! I am sooo happy! He has been regularly doing #2s in his undies for a while now – he did do them in the loo at one stage but never really consistently….well he just did – I didn’t even send him really he did and came out, pants around ankles asking to have his bottom wiped! woohooo! so stoked maybe it just clicked and this is the start of bigger better things! And best of all now Owen has decided he can have a sit on the toilet and just maybe I don’t have to stay with him the whole time….ahhh here’s to hoping this IS the start of things just clicking into place hey!

glad to see the weather report scaled back a bit – still too hot for my liking but anything less than the dreaded high heats they had mentioned has got to be considered a plus really!

am going out tonight for dinner and website work….yup most people go for and chatting etc but I think I must just resign myself to the fact that I am indeed a nerd lol!

hopefully top50 will see some new additions, spruce ups before too long!

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