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ahhhh love it when they kick in….

wondering what sort of spammers this will attract …but wow I love it when the drugs kick in! lol ok that sounds worse than it is really.

Still fighting this blocked eustation tube issue. In fact I’m not sure that it is any better really…well actually not true as my sinus’s have been clearing up so I guess it is working slowly but the earache is still driving me mad….I have to keep up the antibiotics/demizen combo – sadly the demizen has been zonking me out a bit and the earache means that at least 1-2 times a day I’m adding panadeine to the mix otherwise I snap everybodies heads off…I just don’t ‘do’ pain! I’m a big sook!

on the bright side….oh man the cool change has kicked in and the rain is coming down and it is lovely….well out here in my scraproom is lovely hoping inside is just as nice.

the guy is coming tomorrow afternoon to look at the cracks and tell me just how serious the house issues are. I am thinking it will need underpinning and hoping that it isn’t any worse than the $11-12K I think it is going to cost ….so everybody cross your fingers etc! I should have some idea verbally from him but will have to wait a few days for a written report…once i have that all sorted I will have a better idea of where things are at and what I have to do next.

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