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*****warning***** this could be a long post as I get my head around stuff…
so ….I had the blokes out late this afternoon to assess the state of the house. Will have a full report in a couple of days listing what needs to be done and in a priority order with approximate costs. But verbally…

He says not to water the house but to keep it dry – fighting here with conflicting opinions. His arguments appeared sound (but I’m not an engineer). He says putting moisture into the foundations will encourage termites which would be a real disaster (and I’ve read in the local papers that this area does have termite issues so do need to be careful of that).

He says the problem has been caused by too much water…yup would you believe that in the two worst affected areas I have leaky downpipes! Too much water makes the soil swell so the house lifts then it settles and the house drops….

I suppose that the water/don’t water arguments are both aimed at the same thing – ultimately they want the soil moisture content to remain stable so that the house doesn’t move. The engineers are saying in times of drought water the house… But I suppose they also haven’t seen the house and once pointed out I can see the leaky downpipes so I am thinking it makes sense.

So moving on to the options for fixing the problem.

I could underpin – but he says by the time you include the costs of demolition of the concrete around the house to get to the pins etc and then fixing the brickwork afterwards that the cost is likely to be around $20K….eek not good!

LUCKILY – he doesn’t recommend that I go ahead with underpinning as he thinks that the foundations have settled and that with some necessary maintenance all should be well as is so we do the maintenance are repair the brickwork.

This is where it got alarming – although apparently not as expensive as it sounds – his suggestion was that I have the bricks in the 3 corners that are problematic REMOVED and then rebricked – said they should be able to reuse the existing bricks (and I have some extras if need be). All up he feels that $5000 would be plenty to cover it and I should have change from that.

However I also have to have the gutters cleaned and the two downpipes replaced/repaired and fitted properly and I need to have two more put in (only have two atm which apparently isn’t enough to deal with heavy rain).

Also need to demolish my pagola… which is actually not very structurely sound anyway. It would be fine to rebuild it but in its present state he felt all it was doing was inviting termites (which don’t appear to be a problem atm but best to guard against them).

So I guess all in all $5-6 should do it. will still have to fix things like the loo door not shutting properly but once the downpipes are fixed the movement should slow/stop.

so I guess thats it. A bit to take in…not the answer I thought I would get – here was me running with the not enough moisture issue who would have thought it would be caused by too much water – you just can’t win. He did suggest that the neighbours big tree may have helped the back corner to fall (and it drops heaps of crap everywhere) so I guess I need to talk to the neighbour about having it removed too (he took out 3-4 of them a while back but left one and at the time he asked if we minded him cutting them down)!

well kids will be home soon…I should probably eat and stuff…

will wait for the report. Wishing I knew some big strong men about now lol! oh well guess I’ll have to find some and pay them to do it for me.

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ahhhh love it when they kick in…. I’m a mean Mummy!

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