making progress…

February 24, 2007 at 9:59 pm 2 comments

slowly but surely making progress.

progress with what you ask?

boys room……

is clean and tidy and smelling fresh again (ex took the flywires down one day and they     never went back up – must do that soon) so the windows hadn’t been opened in forever.  Yesterday I decided well bugger it we will put up with the chance of bugs coming in and let the air in…what a difference – that and I managed to find the whole FLOOR in their room!  I now have THREE big boxes of toys in my room to sort through and decide what to keep and what to ditch and then gradually give some back.  Also I have made the decision to get bunk beds for them – I know that technically Owen isn’t big enough to sleep on the top bunk til October but their room is long and skinny and bunks are really a great space solving option for them. Now just to balance the looks/quality/cost issue and get them here – made a tad more complicated by the fact Owen currently has a king single bed so will need to get him a ‘normal’ single mattress too.

house stuff – ok nothing really done but some decisions made on what to do at least does that count?  Have decided to find some big strong boys to pull down the pagola and do the rubbish removal instead of hiring a skip – well have decided to get a quote at least. I’m certainly not up to pulling the pagola down on my own.
top50 – lots of progress on the new stuff coming and updates coming shortly for the fonts too.

scrapbooking – I really am going to do some soon.

getaway – OMG it’s only TWO weeks away! I’ve decided to organise and print some photos before I go – hmm should actually start on that too!

washing – well all the clothes are clean/dry and in a mountain on top of the chair in the loungeroom – ok so the folding better start tomorrow before it topples over and I lose a child.

kids and vegies – hamburgers are good!  Got my tupperware hamburger press and we made burgers (my mum’s receipe – 700g mince, 2 cups rolled oats, Italian herbs, garlic, a tin of brown lentils, a grated carrot (or 2), finely chopped onion and 2-3eggs.  Cooked them in the sandwich press so no need to flip, don’t stick and they cook twice as fast – and it made 13 HUGE burgers and the kids scoffed ’em in hamburger buns with cheese/sauce – quick, easy – kids had fun ‘helping’ and pretty healthy really!

blocked eustation tube –  better – ok not 100% but haven’t had an earache all day today so good right? the fact that I’ve now developed a cough instead is probably irrelevant lol.

let there be light – ok some progress, after joking to Pam that my lack of balance (should be ok now as ear problems are resolving) was making it difficult to change lightbulbs but it was ok because the toilet light was working – it went the very next day!  Ex was over shortly after so got him to do it (he doesn’t need a chair/ladder).  I did however fix the globe in the kids nightlight yesterday and tomorrow I will go on a bit of a lightbulb changing spree and do …the two our here, the one in the kitchen, the one in the boys room, the laundry, the hallway and one above the backdoor….ok maybe I wont’ get to ALL of them tomorrow with the boys around…hopefully some though before I’m sitting in the dark!

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Woohooo! busy day.

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  • 1. Tara  |  February 25, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Mmm, that recipe sounds good!

  • 2. JeN H  |  February 26, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    wow lots happening there Jude! You are achieving heaps and you should be proud of it!
    Jen H


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